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Is there any way to save and read multi-dimension data with efficiency?


  • I have a bunch of data series with 1000 stations and each station all have 4 features (e.g Temperature, Wind, CO2 concentration, solar radiation).

  • All the features are in time-series with hourly resolution.

I read this data in .csv files with the support of Pandas.

Now I need to save and organize them together for better re-use.

My solution

I creat columns entitled by 'sample_x, feature_y'. And each column contain the time series data of feature_y for sample_x.

This method is doable but not show efficiency. Because I had to creat like 4000 columns with long column name.

My question

Is there any better way to save multi-demensions data in Python. I want a simple solution that can help me assessing and handling with specific data directly.

Any advices or solution is appreciated!

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